Noevol is a genuine artist from El Paso Texas with over 20

years of experience in the underground dance music culture. Baptized into the early 90's rave scene as a major promoter with then crew T.R.U.E. Productions which

delivered unique first time high power events new to the

area providing a fresh new vision and movement that

inspired countless others and set future trends. Their vision

included operating record and graffiti shops, developing a

recording studio, working with new upcoming and existing

talent all in effort to provide much needed resources to a

geographically challenged region. From 1994-2000 Noevol

quietly practiced the art of djing on Technic 1200s carefully

mastering his craft before making any public appearances.

His first official public gig was in March 2000 under the

moniker Zkio. By 2006 Noevol was already getting his feet

wet with music productions in FL Studio creating basic

tracks. His addiction to creating music quickly deepened as he explored various

DAWs and a Korg Triton Extreme which birthed some of his first releases and

record imprint Dustcity Music. Noevol's growth in music production and releases

landed him reviews in former Dj Mag Canada and periodic Beatport Staff Picks.

His release Hammer & Anvil EP was played repeatedly in Ibiza by Richie Hawtin

in the summer 2013. Noevol has performed at various well known venues such

as Beta's Beatport Lounge, Denver CO, Norad Dance Bar, Denver CO.

Club 101 El Paso TX. Locally hes became a hometown hero warming up for

names like Carlo Lio, Justin James, Jennifer Cardini, Lady Miss Kier,

Andrew Wickes, Clint Stewart, Machino. Noevol is also the creator of Tecnopal a

local outdoor nomadic event, its vision is to preserve the underground culture and

keep the focus on music and locals. You can purchase Noevol's music on all digital

download outlets and find his dj sets online at

Releases out NOW ON BEATPORT!
-Always Moving People