Electric Dream

Electric Dream  Began his creative journey

through music at an early age. His roots reach

as far back to his high school days when he used

to play in several bands. As the front man, he

learned how to connect with his audience and

truly put on an amazing show that would

captivate them. He disbanded from the group

and decide to do something he felt would really

"fulfill" his artistic attributes. He decided to start

learning the art of DJing in early 2010.. and it

was from then on he fell in love with it, the

culture and the music and he began his journey

as a DJ... Having many influences and having

shared the stage with many Artists of different

genres and calibers. He does NOT limit himself to

just one genre he believes music is expressed as freely as a language and one

should not limit themselves to just one art...

Releases out NOW ON BEATPORT!
-Always Moving People
-Glass Haus Records