J. Rivera a.k.a DJ Spy is going through a metamorphosis

through his journey of deep minimal techno and techy

house that feature his musical emergence as "Silfra".

Displaying these intertwining techniques, Silfra brings

his El Paso sound commonly heard through his label and

event group "Always Moving People", Silfra also releases

on various labels such as DarkBlack, Ozlem, Hypnoticskull,

and Turtle Music. Silfra takes a toll on you with his

hammering darkness and fractal sounds of the deep, with

submissive house basslines... Conjuring inevitable

rhythmic groovy dub vibrations that will make you trip right

next to the speakers. As the decades have passed, Silfra's

emergence has been built upon unforeseen productions

and exclusive sets that will keep you in tune within past and present...

Releases out NOW ON BEATPORT!
-Always Moving People
-Turtle Records